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Auctioning Your Property is the purest form of sale that goes back thousands of years. Think of the fine items that are always auctioned – antiques, paintings, jewellery, bloodstock horses, vintage cars, fine wines, the list goes on ….and all are items of great importance and value to their owners. So why not your home? It is most times your largest asset, you are emotionally attached to it and often carries a good deal of your history from the children growing up to them leaving home to you moving on, so why not give it your best shot.

The beauty of an auction when selling is that you don’t know where the end selling price will be, although you are in control, but you will know it is the true value of that property on the day, if the auctioning agent has the experience. Auctioning a property is not just to put up a sign, have some open homes and pray for a result. It takes experience, time, skill, great communication and an “I will succeed” approach.

At BOURKE Prestige Agents we have honed the skills of our team that they are now recognised as some of the best in their field. Under the watchful eye of our own in-house auctioneer they are constantly trained and then trained to get these skills right resulting in record prices for our clients. An auction sale is an unconditional sale so your buyers need to have their ducks in a row before the auction.

Our agents’ walk them through this ensuring finance is sorted, inspections are completed and the buyers’ mindset is right on the day to be ready to buy. For good selling times such as now we have developed a two week auction campaign that is leading the field while ensuring no property is undersold.

When an agent boasts “sold in 24 hours or 3 days” were those sellers sure they had the best buyer out there? Our two week auction takes that doubt away and the sellers know they have achieved what they set out for. Not sure about auctions? Call our team to fill you in on the entire process from start to finish, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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